Our adult sized t-shirt panels are very generously sized at 70cm wide by 90cm long. Kids size panels are 48cm wide by 60cm long.

If you'd like to customize the design by adding text such as a slogan or a name, please contact us to arrange. There is no extra cost for this service so long as the request is fairly straight forward.

Most of the panels are featured on either a solid white or black background for ease of matching up with fabric to complete your sewing project for areas such as the selves, back of shirt etc..  We are currently looking into supplying a range of solid colours to make everything a one stop shop for your sewing needs.

Some panels will have a co-coordinating patterned design to match, however not all of them. 

Pre-orders for panel and co-ordinating designs will be submitted once per month and take approximately 6-8 weeks after the date the pre-order closes to be sent out. Please see the countdown below for when orders need to be in by for the current round.