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Most pre-order fabric are approximately 148-150cm wide which is much wider than your usual standard widths that you'll find in the large retail stores.

Here is a list of the fabric types we offer, along with their weights, composition and description.

  • Cotton Twill (woven) - 140GSM - 100% Cotton
    One of the most versatile woven cotton fabrics - can be used for just about anything; pram liners, quilting, baby clothes, dresses, shorts, hats - the list goes on and on!  It has a woven look underside with the top being a fine textured diagonal weave.  If you usually buy "quilting cotton" this is the perfect fabric for you.

  • Cotton Lycra - 220-240 GSM - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    Perfect for summer t-shirts, soft drapy dresses and baby and kids clothes. 4 way stretch.


  • Cotton Lycra - 260GSM - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    Great fabric for making items such as firm fitting undies, tank tops and shorts. It has excellent stretch recovery so can be used folded over as a waistband. 4 way stretch.

  • Cotton Mini Rib Knit - 220GSM - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex - 130cm wide
    Great for pairing up with the tracksuit fabric and french terry to use as sleeve cuffs and waist bands. The ridges are approx 3mm wide.

  • Cotton Canvas - 280GSM - 100% Cotton
    A great heavy duty woven fabric which could be used for cushion covers and bags, all whilst still being soft enough to use for heavy duty clothing and items such as pram liners.

  • Cotton Waterproof Canvas - 280GSM - 100% Cotton
    It is EXACTLY the same as our non waterproof canvas, however it has had an invisible waterproof treatment applied. It does NOT have a plastic backing, you wont even be able to tell any difference between this and the regular canvas, apart from the fact that it repels water. You can wash it and it still retains its waterproof properties.  Fantastic for items such as library bags, backpacks, wet bags, drink holders, sock savers and outdoor cushion covers.


  • Bamboo Lycra - 240GSM - 95% Bamboo, 5% Lycra
    A knit fabric which has a beautiful drape and makes excellent breezy cool summer dresses. 4 way stretch.

  • LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ Swim - 190GSM - 82% Polyester, 18% Lycra
    Fabrics made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber last up to 10 times longer than fabrics made with unprotected spandex (elastane). In addition to offering long-lasting shape, style and fit that resists bag and sag, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber also provides durable protection against degradation that can result from sunscreen, chlorine, UV rays, heat and body oils. UPF 50+, 4 way stretch.

  • Cotton French Terry - 260GSM 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    Lightweight, warm and absorbent. It is smooth on the top side and looped on the underside, much like a super soft bath towel.  French terry is perfect for light winter garments such as hoodies or even casual summer shorts​​. 4 way stretch.

  • Tracksuit - 350GSM - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    Similar to cotton french terry and also known as brushed french terry, except instead of loops on the underside, this fabric has a warm fuzzy brushed back. The printed side is knitted with a smooth finish. Being made from cotton (not polyester!) It is much less prone to pilling. Perfect for your favourite lounge around the house tracksuit pants and jumper sets. A very small amount of stretch. This fabric will only be offered on a seasonal basis.

  • Minky - 250GSM - 95% Polyester, 5% Lycra
    Short soft pile synthetic fur on the main side and a plain knitted look on the opposite. Perfect for using as the outer layer in cute and cosy modern cloth nappies or lap blankets. Our minky does not have a lot of stretch.

  • Sports Performance - 280GSM - 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
    A smooth fast drying stretch fabric with a smooth feel. Great for making active wear

  • Litchi Leather - 450 GSM - 100% Synthetic
    A replicated leather style texture on the printed side, felt underside (not fluffy/brushed), no stretch. The width of this is 140cm. Commonly used for bag making. Can be sewn on a domestic machine using appropriate heavy weight needles. If ordering longer lengths than 1 metre, we will need to cut or fold it before posting as the maximum length we can send in the mail is 105cm. Please advise when checking out which method you prefer; either folding or cutting.

  • Clear Vinyl (PVC) - 500GSM - 100%PVC
    120cm wide and available up to 1 metre continuous, therefore if you order 1.5 metres of the same design, you will receive a 1 metre piece + a 0.5 metre piece. Great for bag making.

  • 250cm Wide Cotton Sateen - 140-150GSM - 100% Cotton
    Luxuriously soft to touch with a slightly shiny sheen to it. Perfect for making your own quilt covers and sheets. For this fabric, we must meet a minimum order quantity, therefore we have decided to run it once every six months, depending on the demand for it. If you think you'd like to order bulk amounts of this, please let us know and perhaps we could shift the schedule forward to suit your needs.


The prices below represent the per metre cost, however when purchasing you can buy in half a metre increments.

Cotton Twill (woven) - $28

Cotton Lycra 220 GSM - $30

Cotton Lycra 260 GSM - $32

Cotton Mini Rib Knit - $32

Cotton Canvas - $31

Waterproof Canvas - $32

Bamboo Lycra - $34

Swim - $32

Cotton French Terry - $34

Tracksuit - $36

Minky - $30

Sports Performance - $32

Litchi Leather - $40

Clear Vinyl (PVC) - $38

250cm Wide Cotton Sateen - $38


Accepted payments are currently PayPal, Afterpay, Laybuy and direct bank deposit. Visa cards are accepted and are processed through PayPal - you do not need to actually sign up with PayPal to use this service, PayPal simply process the details via their secure servers on our behalf.


To pay using Afterpay or Laybuy, click the Checkout button & proceed to fill out the required information in steps 1 & 2. At step 3, there is the option to select either Afterpay or Laybuy as your payment method.

Our laybuy service providers are:


Postage / shipping will be calculated before you pay upon checking out. For the most accurate estimate, add items to your cart then view your cart contents after all items have been added.  

If we find that shipping fees have been largely miscalculated for your order, we will refund to you the over payment that has been made when we pack your order.

After packages have been delivered to the post office, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. You will be provided with a tracking number upon shipment of your package therefore it is your responsibility to use this number to follow up tracking of the item.  As for damaged on arrival packages, please ensure that you present the package to an Australia Post office for inspection as you may be eligible for compensation up to $100 after filling out the appropriate forms. Only the person to whom the item is addressed can present the item. For further information, please see the following link on the Australia Post website

For local pick-up, I am located in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast. You will receive an "order fulfilled" notification via your provided email address when it is ready to collect. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time for collection. We respond fastest using Facebook messenger, so if you're able to - please talk to us via that method, otherwise email is fine.

Yes you can, however you'll need to submit another order as we do not have the ability to edit orders already in the system.  To add to a previous order, you can select "combine with previous order" from the delivery method to avoid paying for extra postage. Please be sure to reference your previous order number in the notes section before checking out so that we know which order it needs to be posted with. If we find that you need to upgrade to a slightly larger satchel for postage, we'll send you through a payment request via PayPal to cover the extra postage amount required.


For updates on what the status of orders placed during a particular time-frame, please refer to the printing schedule.


An email gets sent from our order system to advise that your order has been shipped, then usually following this notification and within an hour, another email will come directly from Australia Post with your tracking number. Please check your spam folders as quite often these notifications from Australia Post land in there.  Most of the time, our parcels are lodged from "Pomona QLD".


It is a representation of an item that is not yet in stock. Pre-order fabric usually has a 6-8 week wait time from the date that orders close, not from the date that you placed your order.


Due to the nature of digital printing, please order enough to complete your project, as exact print colour and scale of the print may change between batches if we offer the same design in future pre-orders.

Between each base of fabric, the print colours will vary slightly due to the differing compositions of fabric and their ability to absorb ink. Different methods of printing are also used, depending on whether the base is cotton or synthetic fibers.

Any fabric designs we sell that are glittery or metallic, are just a printed effect only and not actually glitter or metallic paint.

We aim to create unique fabrics for you to all enjoy, however some times you may see similar images offered by other businesses, this is purely a coincidence as many designs you see are publicly available for others to purchase the license to print, therefore are not all 'exclusive' as they may be advertised for their whole collection. All images we use have either been created by us or are have been purchased from pattern designers.


To ensure we can capture everyone's details efficiently and exact quantities for your order, please place your order though the website.  We do not accept orders through Facebook / Messenger, email or Instagram etc...


Although not essential, we recommend washing all fabric before using to account for any shrinkage that may occur, this could be up to 10% depending on the type of fabric. Wash the fabric on a cycle that you intend on regularly using when washing the finished piece.  As with regular clothes washing, it is a good idea to wash similar colours together to avoid greying of your whites and lights.

There are so many different care methods that's best to follow depending on the type of fabric that you have, therefore we recommend doing a google search if you're not sure.  As a good starting point, we've found a link for you that covers a few of the fabric base options: How to clean every kind of fabric

Finishing/overlocking the edges of woven fabrics before you wash will avoid the raw edge threads from fraying.


In compliance with the Australian consumer laws, the cost of your order will not be refunded or exchanged if you have a change of mind about your purchase for any reason.

We will genuinely try our best to supply orders within the specified time frame, however sometimes there may be circumstances out of our control which could prevent us from doing so. Should this be the case, we will make every effort to inform you of the problem and get your order to you as soon as possible.

If there is a circumstance where we are at fault, you are entitled to a full refund.


Whilst we make every effort to detect quality issues in your fabric before shipping it to you, If you find a fault with it, please contact us to discuss the problem and make arrangements to meet your needs. We may offer replacement fabric or partial / full refund depending on the problem.

Digital fabric printing is not a flawless process and some minor problems do occur from time to time. It may be in the form of a printing glitch, stain or small hole. If the flaw is within 10cm of the edge this will not be considered a major flaw and fabric will be supplied to you as normal.  Any stains on the back of the fabric which do not show through to the printed side will also not be considered to be a discountable/refundable flaw.

Please check your fabric carefully before cutting and washing it as once this has been done a refund or exchange will not be accepted.

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