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Submissions for this round close Sunday 2nd June 2024



Finally, a place that you can have just about any design you can imagine printed on fabric of your choice!


Whether you've designed it yourself or purchased the artwork, this is the place to be to make it come to life.


Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that the artwork is suitable for printing, which means that you'll need to make sure that it is whats known as a seamless repeating pattern and be at least 300dpi quality for clear printing. Images cannot be a photo of some fabric that you like, you must have the original artwork.


If purchasing / using designs that you download from the internet, you are responsible for making sure that you have obtained the proper licences for the intended use of the artwork being submitted.


There are many resources on the internet available if you're not sure what this all means, so please ensure that you do your research first as I will not be responsible if your fabric doesn’t turn out how you hoped it would, due to the image that you've provided.


Images unable to be accepted include licenced characters such as Disney or Marvel characters. If you're unsure, please send us the image first to check with our supplier whether they will accept to print.


After placing your order, please email us with your order number and the image to be printed. To be  safe though, we're happy to check your image before you put your order in as often we're finding that images supplied arent a proper seamless pattern and have lines in it. Alternativly, there are seamless pattern checkers on the internet that you can use, such as this one:


Another great way to transfer images is to send us a download link to your Google Drive or Dropbox location as emailing print quality images can be quite large and not go through or your email program resizes them and reduces the quality.


Artwork sent to us will only be used for the purposes of sending to our printer for transferring onto fabric, we will not re-sell or re-use your designs.



  • Minimum order is 1 meter, however you can purchase in 50cm increments
  • Fabric will take 6-8 weeks to arrive after submissions close for the month
  • Please supply images which are at least 300 DPI
  • Ensure your images are seamless repeating patterns
  • Test print your images on paper in colour first
  • Please order enough to complete your project, as exact print colours may vary slightly between batches
  • Licenced designs will not be accepted
  • Let us know the scale you’d like the image printed or length of main feature so we can work out the scale for you. For example - "Dog's face to be 5cm long"
  • Email image or share Google Drive or Dropbox link for us to download

Supply Your Own Artwork - Custom Print Digital Fabric

PriceFrom $14.00
  • This fabric is sold in half metre increments, therefore a quantity of 1 would be half a metre (50cm) and a quantity of 2 would be 1 metre (100cms). We try our best to supply the fabric in one continuous length, however sometimes for lengths longer than 2 metres our supplier will send it in several different sections (not often but it does happen from time to time) If it is absolutely essential that you receive it in certain length increments, please make a note of this in your order for us so that we can advise the printers to take extra care.

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