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The maximum continuous length we are able to print for the clear vinyl is 1 metre, therefore if you order 1.5 metres of the same design, you will receive a 1 metre piece + a 0.5 metre piece.


The clear vinyl is 120cm wide and is sold in half metre increments, therefore a quantity of 1 would be half a metre (50cm) and a quantity of 2 would be 1 metre (100cms).



50cm = 1 Quantity

1m = 2 Quantity

1.5m = 3 Quantity

2m = 4 Quantity

2.5m = 5 Quantity

3m = 6 Quantity

3.5m = 7 Quantity

4m = 8 Quantity

4.5m = 9 Quantity

5m = 10 Quantity

And so on...


Other Information

  • The PVC clear vinyl is approx 500GSM
  • Anything in the background which is white, will be transparent on the vinyl
  • To see the scale of the print, please see the second image for each design
  • Any designs that look like glitter, is a printed effect only and not actual glitter
  • This is a pre-ordered fabric; the shipping timeframe is 6-8 weeks following the last day that this pre-order round is open.
  • The print colour may vary slightly between each type of fabric base
  • Please order enough to complete your project, as exact print colour and scale of the print may change between batches if we offer the same design in future pre-orders

PVC Red Roses

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